The Edhub was born from the desire to rethink instruction. In 2012, Eminence Independent ignited its School on FIRE model, grounded in compelling learning through ICE (Interventions, Connections, and Enrichments).

Under the vision of creating the school of the future today, Eminence created a classroom experience that captures the heart and imagination of its students, driven by the tenets of ‘Surprise & Delight’ and ‘Yes, And’ thinking!

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“Imagine a space that stirs inventiveness in every student. Imagine a place that validates novel ideas from every student.”
~ Ms. Ashley Perkins, Parent
“We want to be the DisneyWorld of schools.”
~ Dr. Buddy Berry, Superintendent


STEAM is an instructional approach to education that emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as entry points for guiding student problem solving and critical thinking. The Eminence STEAM approach equips the learners and leaders of tomorrow through experiential learning which incorporates advanced science, emerging technologies, applied engineering skills, and artistic design.

The goal is to empower students to be risk-takers, collaborators, communicators, leaders, and visionaries. STEAM learning leverages the skills of tomorrow for the students of today.

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Design Thinking

Applied Engineering

Experiential Learning

Emerging Technologies

“Before we came here someone told us that nothing is impossible at Eminence and that is so true. My daughters are two completely different learners, and they are thriving here.”
~ Ms. Erin Lynn, Parent
“When others say, 'No, we can't.' Eminence says, 'Yes, we can!'”
~ Dr. Terry Holliday, former Kentucky Commissioner of Education
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